Corrugated Packaging Cartons 

MP Biomedicals India Private Limited , is an MNC trying to increase their reach in India and since they were intending to make their mark, we approached them for their packaging material requirement.

We are their Current Supplier for Packaging Material in India, we might as well become their sole supplier within few months.

As Quoted by satisfied with our Client Approach, Services & Timely Status Reports during the course of completion of their Orders!

Packaging & Marketing Material 

Komal is Hardware & Interior Fittings Brand Of Komal Mfg. Co. , they are into manufacturing  of Fittings from more than 2 decades it has now become one the leading hardware fittings brand all over India.

We are one of their suppliers who supply packaging material fulfilling their requirement on a regular basis, we have also started making brochures as and when there is a requirement from certain clients!